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Earlier this week, I wrote about the book I read for January (Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love). Today’s post is relatively short: I’ll tell you my pick for February and offer some ideas to help you pick what you’d like to read. I really hope you’ll consider reading some...... More »

Prayer for the overachiever

Lord, there is so much I want to do. So much You made me able to do. Not just in my home or professional life, but in my faith life. I want to grow deeper, learn more, and pray more. I want to find more of You. But the...... More »

I’ve talked to several people lately about journaling, so I thought I’d share some prayer writing prompts from my book. You can also download a single-page PDF here to keep in your journal for those days when you need some inspiration. Not sure what to say when those blank journal pages...... More »

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

  As part of my Branch Out Reading Challenge, I chose as my pick for January (“a best-selling Christian book, something new and/or popular”) For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. Just from reading her blog and various other things, I knew I loved her. And I’m excited that she is one...... More »

Prayer for the hormonal

Lord, there’s not much more aggravating than someone writing off what I’m feeling by ascribing it to hormones. And yet, my hormones are killing me. Maybe not literally. But I am so full of anger and so easily frustrated. It’s easier to yell than to listen, to slam things...... More »

Prayer for the control freak

Lord, in my head, I know that all control belongs to You—all power, all ability, all wisdom. But the human side of me wants to take control, solve problems, fix mistakes, right wrongs. I want to force the unruly, the frustrating, and the messy into submission. To conquer every...... More »

Time to stop being a control freak

Recently, on a night when I was hosting my book club, my husband walked in to the living room and started gathering our dirty dessert plates. I started off by rolling my eyes—of course he wants to take credit for being this great husband. By the time everyone left,...... More »

When you want more

Last year I read several posts by bloggers I admire encouraging people to use the cloth napkins and burn the good candles—in other words, stop waiting for some vague perfect or special moment and enjoy what we have. There’s nothing to be gained...... More »

It’s a new year, and I love reading challenges. Or, at least, I like the idea of them. Not sure I’ve ever completely followed through. But I’m willing to try, and hope you are, too. Things are always better when you do them together. Quite a few of you responded...... More »

Prayer for the new year

Oh, Lord, You are so beautiful. You are the Lord of Light. The Giver of Life. The Lover of my soul. The Hope of all generations. And yet we are living in a day that seems dark. Bleak and without redemption. We see hatred spewed online and in newscasts. Distrust in the...... More »