January 2022 Prayer Prompt Calendar

Magenta is a color of cheerfulness, happiness, contentment, and appreciation—and it’s the inspiration for January’s prayers. Magenta combines the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet, to create a color of universal harmony and emotional balance. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation, and makes most people feel optimistic.

But—and this may blow your mind, like it did mine—we don’t really see it. Well, what I mean is that our brains perceive different wavelengths of light as different colors, and strangely, magenta doesn’t have its own wavelength. Some people believe that our brains have constructed a color to bridge the gap between red and violet because it doesn’t exist in the visible light spectrum.

However, magenta is one of the four colors used as building blocks for printing—along with cyan, yellow, and black. (You may recognize the name because if you’re like me, you’re always almost out of magenta toner for your printer.) In January’s calendar, we’re celebrating magenta, pink, and mauve, with a little bit of gold thrown in for fun.

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