InstaPrayer Grab Bag with signed InstaPrayer book


You may look at this and think it’s a total random assortment of objects—and you wouldn’t be completely wrong. However, they were chosen with a purpose in mind. This is basically what I put in the influencer boxes I mailed to people who were willing to review or promote my book. Each object relates in some creative way to the prayer prompts in the book, and they were chosen because they’d be helpful to those who want to photograph pages from the book and post them online. You can do whatever you want with them—add some fun decorations to your home office. Scatter them throughout your house as a reminder to pray. Or let your kids or grandkids help you find the relevant prayer prompts in the book!

Each bag is slightly different, but contains the following:

  • Yellow cloth drawstring bag (because color! pattern! yellow!)
  • One sheet of InstaPrayer address labels (you know you want to send someone a cheerful note)
  • One sheet of InstaPrayer stickers (for your journal or to brighten up your mail)
  • Pinwheel* (1, 2, 3, blow)
  • Paper fan* (hot flashes anyone? no, really, helps create a party vibe)
  • Stress ball* (because who isn’t stressed right now?)
  • Small chalkboard easel* (broadcast your feelings or focus your thoughts)
  • Custom InstaPrayer M&Ms (yum—hygenically bagged, I promise you)
  • Small foam glider/airplane* (because they’re fun—and safe)
  • Tootsie Pop, mini dry-erase card, and 1″ inspirational button (not to mention a discount code for 10% off your next purchase)

*Size and colors vary. All items will be shipped in a 12x9x3″ corrugated box. Extremely limited quantity available. An autographed copy of InstaPrayer is included (grab bag also available without the book here).

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