February 2022 Prayer Prompt Calendar

Red is the color of passion—so of course I picked it for the month of Valentine’s Day, but here’s the truth: this color isn’t just for lovers. Red represents heat, fire, energy—emotional intensity. It increases respiration rate and blood pressure. When someone is angry, we say they “see red.” When we’re embarrassed, our faces turn red.
Red is aggressive and extreme, impossible to ignore. It’s used for politics, linked to the divine in several religions. Red is bold and vivid and gets your attention, which is why it’s used for traffic lights, stop signs, and emergency vehicles. It is even thought to increase appetite (okay, really—who votes for a ban of all things red?!).
Some people like the color red on redheads, but I can safely say I’ve had a half a century to prove that there just isn’t a less-flattering color for me. Ick. Naturally, I attended both a high school and college whose school colors included red. And while we’re on the subject, why do we actually call my hair color red? It’s honestly more of an orangey brown, right? But I digress.
Whether or not you are a fan of Valentine’s Day, I hope you’ll join me in prayers this month that are inspired by some of the meanings and emotions of the color red.

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